2021-22 Public Events Series: Regeneration

IHC Event Series Regeneration

During the 2021–22 academic year, the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center’s public events series will be dedicated to examining processes and experiences of regeneration. Broadly, regeneration refers to the creation of new lives and forms, in contexts ranging from the biological recreation of cells, tissues and organs, to the “regenerative design” of architectural structures that model the integrity of the natural world, to religious or spiritual renewal.

Drawing from the humanities and its sibling fields, including environmental and urban studies and social psychology, the IHC’s 2021-22 public events series Regeneration will explore how societies and cultures in previous historical eras have moved from crisis and upheaval into periods of sustainable and equitable regeneration. The series will also consider the institutional transformations, creative expressions, activist interventions and philosophical recalibrations needed to establish foundations of solidarity upon which new futures can be realized. Regeneration is also about intergenerational futures: how we are connected to past generations, how we care for the multiple generations of the present and how the worlds we make will enable future generations to thrive.