Winter 2020 IHC Funding Awards Winners

Funding Awards Winners Winter 2020

Winter 2020 IHC Funding Awards Winners

January 31, 2020

The IHC is pleased to announce the winners of its Winter 2020 awards applications. Congratulations to the winners of Graduate Collaborative and Visual, Performing, and Media Arts Awards!


2020 International Graduate Student Conference on the Cold War
Addison Jensen, History
Mattie Webb, History
Amy Fallas, History
Gokh Alshaif, History
Eugene Riordas, Global Studies
Tymoteusz Chajdas, Global Studies
Carl Gabrielson, East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies

In April 2020 the Center for Cold War Studies and International History will organize and host the 2020 International Graduate Student Conference on the Cold War. Following an international call for proposals, 21 graduate students will be invited to present original research papers. About ten faculty members from UCSB and elsewhere will serve as commentators. The conference aims to promote Cold War studies among graduate students the world over, to help them develop professional skills, and to invigorate Cold War studies by nurturing and showcasing the most promising work by emerging scholars.

Climate Justice Organizing: Effective Communication Strategies for Building Community Resilience
Shawn Van Valkenburgh, Sociology
Julia Fine, Linguistics

Although over 11,000 scientists recently declared a climate emergency (Ripple et al. 2019), most people have yet to take action to confront this crisis. The proposed project draws on the methods of Community-Based Action Research (Strand et al. 2003) and critical ethnography (Madison 2011) to examine and enact effective climate communication. Isla Vista residents will be surveyed about their awareness of and attitudes towards the climate crisis, then provided with information about local climate action organizations and events. This research will be conducted in collaboration with the Central Coast Climate Justice Network and the Movement for Intersectional Climate Action.


Heena Yoon, Music, “B”
An interdisciplinary music-dance concert “B” features original composition of Heena Yoon and her collaborators’ choreography, infused in the storytelling by the composer as the only female, Asian, non-native English speaker in her field; first generation of college and first passport holder in her family; with her family history in the memory of wars, economic and political harshness. This storytelling concert aims for (1) bridging music and dance field, (2) addressing issues in gender, immigrants, campus violence, artists’ social activism, (3) empowering marginalized communities of women, first-gen, multiculturality, and (4) showcasing genre-defying music in a new way of concert making.