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Silicon Valley Requiem: A Posthuman Electro-Acoustic Concert

UCSB Studio Theater TD East 1101, Santa Barbara, CA

Silicon Valley Requiem is a composition based on the requiem mass but replacing the liturgical environment with the public theater of Tech CEOs. A trio of synthesized male voices singing Gregorian chant melodies is paired with two live female performers singing statements regarding their actions on earth to a monolithic adjudicating soprano projected above. The application of contemporary technology on medieval plainchant creates a plethora of complex philosophical questions. What does it mean for non-humans ...

Nuestra Voz

UCSB Studio Theater TD East 1101, Santa Barbara, CA

Nuestra Voz Join us for 3 short new plays by Isla Vista teens! Wednesday, July 31st at 6:00 pm in the UCSB Studio Theater. Reception starts at 7:00 pm. Reserve your seats at ihc-ivarts@ucsb.edu. FREE