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Talk: Human Simulation: Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and the Future of the Humanities

Library Instruction & Training 1312 UCSB Library, Santa Barbara, CA

The capacities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are growing rapidly and new technologies are impacting society in a variety of ways, all of which raise significant ethical issues. LeRon Shults (University of Adger, Norway) argues that the Humanities are needed to help guide the ethical conversations around AI by becoming more engaged in “Human Simulation,” a new interdisciplinary approach to simulating human futures (as well as studying the past) that requires the expertise of historians, philosophers, ...

UCSB Reads: The Best We Could Do: Telling and Re-telling the Stories of Asian America

Library Instruction & Training 1312 UCSB Library, Santa Barbara, CA

A panel discussion with erin Khue Ninh, Sameer Pandya, Eleanor Ty, and Xiaojian Zhao Four panelists from UCSB Department of Asian American Studies will discuss the UCSB Reads 2019 book The Best We Could Do by Thi Bui and its themes from a variety of perspectives. A UCSB Reads 2019 event. Light refreshments will be served. Sponsored by Arts & Lectures, Carsey-Wolf Center, College of Creative Studies, College of Engineering, College of Letters & Science, English ...

Talk: Nubian Studies: A Case Study in Scholar-Led Open Access Publishing

Library Instruction & Training 1312 UCSB Library, Santa Barbara, CA

Nubian studies scholar, punctum books co-director, and philologist Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei will discuss how community-focused, scholar-led open access publishing can help launch fields of inquiry and study that otherwise would not have adequate resources to establish themselves, because most publishers would consider the discipline too "small," and thus too risky to commit publishing resources. Part of Vincent’s work focuses on the study of the Old Nubian language, and the development of a new ...