The Uses of the Public University Research Focus Group

The Uses of the Public University Research Focus Group


Ann Bermingham, History of Art

Ruth Hellier-Tinoco, Music

“The Uses of the Public University is an RFG devoted to imagining the role of the University of California in serving the State, its citizens, the nation and the world. Fundamental to this role is maintaining the University as a place for the creation and preservation of knowledge and for teaching and learning at the highest levels. The University is a community of inquiry where innovation thrives and where Californians are educated to be informed, ethical citizens.

In 2012-13 the RFG will devote itself to examining this core belief and imagining ways in which these ideals might be strengthened and fulfilled in the future. Questions we might explore include: What is the value of a University of California education? How do we understand our roles as teachers? What are the future challenges we and our students face? What should be the role of technology in teaching and learning? What are the core skills, ideas and values we need to teach? How should we go about teaching them? The RFG will explore these questions through readings, discussions, and roundtables with visiting faculty.

Click here to download the final report from the 2012 UC faculty charrette.