Spring 2001

Spring 2001

April 4, 2001 – Marc Kielburger “The Power of One: How One Person Can Work for Human Rights and Change the World”

April 17, 2001 – Daniel Philpott “Revolutions in Sovereignty: How Ideas Shaped Modern International Relations”

April 18, 2001 – Seiji Lippit “Representations of Space in Japanese Modernism”

April 20-21, 2001 – Africa After Gender: An Exploration Of New Epistemologies For African Studies

April 20, 2001 – Walter Kohn “Reflections of a Physicist after an Encounter with the Vatican and Pope John Paul II”

April 23, 2001 – Brian Fagan The Little Ice Age: How Climate Made History 1300-1850

April 24, 2001 – Bishnupriya Ghosh “The Trans/National Travels of Queer Citizenships:
The FIRE Controversy”

May 3, 2001 – Edgar M. Bronfman, Sr. “Creating a Renaissance in Jewish Life”

May 3, 2001 – “Narrative at the Outer Limits”

May 7, 2001 – Keith Benson “Science, Salmon, and the Need for a Robust Environmental Ethic in the New Century”

May 7, 2001 – Michael B. Katz, The Price of Citizenship: Redefining the Welfare State

May 10, 2001 – Chela Sandoval, Methodology of the Oppressed

May 14, 2001 – Andrea Bartoli “Church, Community and Creative Peacemaking:
The Story of the Sant’Egidio Community”

May 14, 2001 – Hugh Graham “Why Did President Reagan Fail to Rewrite the Affirmative Action Executive Order?”

May 18, 2001 – Charlotte Furth “Solitude, Silence and Concealment: Boundaries of the Social Body in Imperial China”

May 23, 2001 – Demetria Martinez “Catholic Social Practice and the Latino Experience”

May 23, 2001 – Paul R. Ehrlich, Human Natures: Genes Cultures and the Human Prospect

May 29, 2001 – Robert Reich “Globalization and Its Discontents”

June 3, 2001 – “The Impact of the Media on American Life”
Jeff Greenfield, William Safire, and Richard Rodriguez: A Dialogue Moderated by Kathleen Hall Jamieson