Graduate Collaborative Awards

The IHC offers collaborative project awards of up to $1,500 to encourage graduate student collaboration beyond the confines and conventions of particular departments and disciplines within the arts and humanities, and between the arts and humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Groups of graduate students from at least two departments or academic programs are eligible to apply. A faculty advisor is recommended but not required. Eligible projects include conferences, symposia, exhibitions, and performances. Projects that experiment with a combination of dissemination formats are encouraged.  Click here for more information about graduate collaborative awards.

The following lists winners by award date:

Winter 2023 Award Winners

Asian/American Studies Collective Graduate Symposium
Michael Nishimura, Sociology
Maile Young, English
Tandee Wang, History

The 26th Annual Conference on Language, Interaction, and Social Organization (LISO)
Andre Buscariolli, Sociology
Munira Hailati, GGSE
Nurgul Isik, GGSE
Marissa Morgan, Linguistics
Evelyn Vera Flandez, GGSE
Marat Zheng, Sociology

Zine Workshop Series /QTBIPOC Identities and Futurities
Kristy Ali, Linguistics
Maisnam Arnapal, Feminist Studies
Yuri Fraccaroli, Feminist Studies
John Jairo Valencia, Chicana/o Studies

Winter 2022 Award Winners

Alt-Right Media Literacy Series
Adam Burston, Sociology
Chelsea Kai Roesch, Film and Media Studies
Kyna McClenaghan, Film and Media Studies

Healing Communities
Giulia Giamboni, History
Michael J. Ioannides, Anthropology
Mariah Miller, Global Studies

Ninth Annual American Indian and Indigenous Collective (AIIC) Virtual Symposium: “Imagining Indigenous Futurities”
Alesha Claveria, Theater and Dance
Sage Gerson, English
Andrea Guerra, Global Studies
Kendall Lovely, History
Maite Urcaregui, English

Winter 2021 Award Winners

A Wakeup Call for Climate Justice? Indigenous Knowledges Respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic. A Project of Online Dialogues
Sylvia Cifuentes, Global Studies
Julia Fine, Linguistics
Erica Akemi Goto, Geography
Alexander Karvelas, Music

Daigengna Duoer, Religious Studies
Keita Moore, East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies
Kaitlyn Ugoretz, East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies

2019-20 Projects

Climate Justice Organizing: Effective Communication Strategies for Building Community Resilience
Shawn Van Valkenburgh, Sociology
Julia Fine, Linguistics

2020 International Graduate Student Conference on the Cold War

Addison Jensen, History
Mattie Webb, History
Amy Fallas, History
Gokh Alshaif, History
Eugene Riordas, Global Studies
Tymoteusz Chajdas, Global Studies
Carl Gabrielson, East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies

Drawing Diversity: Identity, Organizing, and Imagining in Comics and Graphic Narratives
Maite Urcaregui, English
Radmila Stefkova, Spanish and Portuguese

2018-19 Project

Outlaw(ed) Intellectuals: Challenging Structures of Power from Within
Clint Terrell, English
Oscar F. Soto, Sociology
Ma’Risa Salinas, Sociology
María Vazquez, Counseling and School Psychology

25th Annual Conference on Language, Interaction, and Social Organization (LISO): Disrupt and Advance
Jamaal Muwwakkil, Linguistics
Joyhanna Garza, Spanish & Portugese
Jenny Sperling, Graduate School of Education

2017–18 Projects

ADAPTS – Artist’s Drawing and Perception Teaching System
Hannah Wolfe, Computer Science and Media Arts & Technology
Jungah Son, Media Arts and Technology

The Sixth Biennial Borderlands International Graduate Student Conference
Victoria Ballmes, Religious Studies
Christopher Nofziger, History

The 2017 International Graduate Student Conference on the Cold War
James Williams, History
Steven Hu, Religious Studies
Gokh Alshaif, Global and International Studies
Christopher Stephens, History

2016–17 Projects

23rd Annual Conference on Language, Interaction, and Social Organization (LISO): Encounter and Interface
Anna Bax, Linguistics
Kendra Calhoun, Linguistics
Joyhanna Kemp, Spanish & Portuguese
Jacqueline Kemp, Graduate School of Education
Jenny Sperling, Graduate School of Education
Chelsea Tanous, Graduate School of Education

Interpretation and Transformation of Structural Images of Host-Parasite Interactions through Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, and Animation
Sunny Samuel, Art
Keir Balla, Biology, UCSD

2015–16 Projects

Media Fields Conference 2015: Encounters
Bianka Ballina, Film and Media Studies
Bhargavi Narayanan, Film and Media Studies
Alexander Champlin, Film and Media Studies

Acts of Love and Compassion in the Wake of the Isla Vista Tragedy
Melissa Barthelemy, History
Shari Sanders, Comparative Literature

2014–15 Projects

Innovation in Premodern Borderlands
Peninah Wolpo, History
Ryan Abrecht, History
Brianna Bricker, Art History
Christopher Kegerreis, History
James Conrad, History
Greg Goalwin, Sociology
Vicky Ballmes, Religious Studies
Nathan Fredrickson, Religious Studies
Christopher Nofziger, History
Lisa Meyers, History
Sean Harrington, History
Ryan Minor, History

Modernizing the Medieval: Current Trends in Medieval Studies and the Humanities
Jonathan Forbes, English
Anneliese Pollock, French and Italian

2014 International Graduate Student Conference on the Cold War
Kenneth Hough, History
Kristy Slominski, Religious Studies
Steven Hu, Religious Studies
David Gray, Film and Media Studies

2013–14 Projects

Personhood, Possession, and Place: Embodiment and Emplacement in Special Contexts
Chris Morales, Religious Studies
Michael Kinsella, Religious Studies
Keith Hess, Philosophy
Rick Stoody, Philosophy

Reconstituting Female Authority: Women’s Participation in the Transmission and Production of Islamic Knowledge
Kendra Sarna, Religious Studies
Andrew Magnusson, History
Samaneh Oladi Ghadikolaei, Religious Studies
Corrine Kalota, Religious Studies

2012–13 Projects

Media Fields Journal: Critical Explorations in Media and Space
Pablo Colapinto, Media Arts & Technology
David Gray, Film and Media Studies
Rahul Mukherjee, Film and Media Studies
Jade Petermon, Film and Media Studies
Lindsay Thomas, Film and Media Studies

Bodies in Space III: A Guerilla-Style Graduate Conference
Alison Reed, English
Shannon Brennan, English
Kristie Soares, Comparative Literature
Jessica Lopez Lyman, Chicano Studies

Fear and Loathing in the Middle Ages, 2012 Annual Medieval Studies Graduate Student Conference
Abigail P. Dowling, History
Paul Megna, English

Locating the Shari’a: Creating New Sources for Knowledge and Inquiry
Nathan French, Religious Studies
Sohaira Siddiqui, Religious Studies
Andrew Magnusson, History

2011–12 Projects

Interdisciplinarity and the Study of Religion, UCSB Graduate Student Conference
Brett Esaki, Religious Studies
Niccole Coggins, History
Jason Hopkins, Sociology
Kristy Slominski, Religious Studies and Feminist Studies

2011 International Graduate Student Conference on the Cold War
Henry Maar, History
Regina Longo, Film and Media Studies

Senses and Sensibilities in the Middle Ages
Shannon Meyer, English
Megan Palmer Browne, English
Paul Megna, English

Beyond the Divide: Using Social Justice Theater to Challenge Dominant Discourses, Incite Action, and Produce Theory
Carly Thomsen, Feminist Studies
Amanda Denes, Communication
Annika Speer, Theater and Dance

Tracing Boundaries: Identity and Place in the Ancient Frontier – International Graduate Student Conference
Peninah Wolpo, History
Wyatt Rounds, Religious Studies
Chris Kegerreis, History
Brianna Bricker, Art History
Jason Linn, History

2010–11 Projects

“The Translator’s Visibility” Inter-UC Graduate Conference & Exhibition
Matthew Driscoll, East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies
Ewa Manek, East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies
Suzy Cincone, East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies
Lily Wong, Comparative Literature

Chance and Destiny; 10th Graduate Student Conference in French and Francophone Studies
Julien Guillemet, French
Vasilis Tsompanidis, Philosophy

Ancient Borderlands International Graduate Student Conference
A. Wyatt Rounds, Religious Studies
Tracey E. Watts, History
Jessica Ambler, Art History

16th Annual Conference on Language, Interaction, and Social Organization: “Interaction, Embodiment, and Materiality”
Alexander Wahl, Linguistics
Lynette Arnold, Linguistics
Kevin Whitehead, Sociology

Margaret Thatcher’s Garden
Stephanie Washburn, Art
Joe Figliulo-Rosswurm, History

2009–10 Projects

Emergent Visions: New Independent Documentaries from China
Joshua Neves, Film and Media Studies
Lily Wong, Comparative Literature
Qian Yang, East Asian Studies

Media Fields 2: Infrastructures
Katy Pearce, Communication
David Platzer, Comparative Literature
Dan Reynolds, Film and Media Studies
Jeff Scheible, Film and Media Studies
Nicole Starosielski, Film and Media Studies

2008–09 Projects

15th Annual LISO Conference
Jessie Gillespie, Education
Kevin Whitehead, Sociology
Christie Bird, Linguistics

The Limits of Knowledge
Catherine Newman Howe, Art & Architecture,
Jennifer Hammerschmidt, Art & Architecture
William Hall, English
Jessica Murphy, English

2007–08 Projects

Ancient Borderlands Research Focus Group Graduate Conference, March 8-9, 2008
Heidi Marx-Wolf et al, History

2006–07 Projects

Understanding Gender Relations in Forced Migrant Communities
Oscar Gil, Sociology

Activist Scholarship: Documenting Undocumented Border Space
Josef Castaneda-Liles, Sociology
Jose G. Anguiano, Graduate School of Eduation
Graciela Fernandez, Graduate School of Education
Tomas Carrasco

Edible Empire: A Modern Media Exhibition and Catalogue
Ellen Caldwell, Art History
Bianca Murillo, History, Women’s Studies
Justin Bengry, History

2005–06 Projects

Looking Beyond the Written Word: Performing Scholarship Through Film
Susan McArver, Anthropology
Gayathri Embuldeniya, Anthropology
Oshan Fernando, Anthropology
Corine Musgrove, Anthropology
Caroline Kyungah Hong, English

2004–05 Projects

Global Communities, Local Economies
Soumil Mehta, Geography
Jason Smart, Geography
John Gallo, Geography

Karl Bryant, Sociology
Simone Chess, English
Elizabeth Currans, Religious Studies
Jess O’Keefe, Dramatic Arts