MariaCarolina Sintura

MariaCarolina Sintura

MariaCarolina Sintura is a Ph.D. student in the English Department at UCSB. Her research brings together the Legal Humanities, Critical University Studies, Critical Race Theory, and Women of Color Feminisms as she studies the discourses constructed around the figure of international students and scholars.

Before attending UCSB, she received her undergraduate degree in Literature at Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia, and an M.A. in English from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. She was also an English instructor at Howard University soon after completing her master’s program.

She is co-founder and content producer in a feminist collective named SietePolas. On this website and its adjacent social media platforms, she writes and produces content that disseminates feminist perspectives and debates to a broad Latin-American, Spanish-speaking audience. MariaCarolina and her fellow writers at this collective are frequently contacted and interviewed by Colombian media as experts in gender perspectives. Moreover, they are actively involved in legal and political activism for reproductive rights, particularly as part of the Causa Justa movement, which is advancing a strategic legal agenda for the decriminalization of abortion in Colombia.

MariaCarolina was the Graduate Student Fellow at UCSB’s American Cultures and Global Contexts Center for the 2020-21 year. She is currently involved in the creation of a bibliography on activist research soon to be launched by UCSB’s English Department.

Some of her public facing and activist writing can be read in:

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