Katya Lopatko

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Katya Lopatko is a Ph.D. student in the Comparative Literature program with an emphasis in Feminist Studies. Her research examines the interactions of built space, objects, and subjectivity in modern and contemporary French, English, and Russian literature and film. Her M.A. thesis, defended in May 2022, investigates the unstable and generative boundary between public and private urban space and objects, as recorded by European Modernist authors like Virginia Woolf, André Breton, Walter Benjamin and Djuna Barnes.

Katya has taught French 1-4 and WRIT 2 (first-year composition) in the Writing Program. In addition, she writes about arts and culture, health and wellness, travel and lifestyle for a range of publications and clients. She is passionate about applying her academic training in writing, research and teaching, as well as theories of gender, identity and space, in non-academic contexts.

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