2011 Platform Gallery Exhibition: Micro-topologies

Where Platform’s previous shows Snarled Megalopolis and Suburbia explored geographies of large cities and suburbs, Micro-Topologies investigates the complexities of human-land relationships and natural-human phenomena envisioned in “local” contexts. The exhibit features artworks that reveal, examine and (re)interpret activities, environments, movements and communities on a small scale. It focuses on specific sites, interpreting “micro” as literally microscopic or hyper-local.

Micro-topologies will be the final in a series of three shows that explored artistic interpretations of the IHC’s Geographies of Place theme. For more information about the IHC’s Platform gallery, please visit: www.ihc.ucsb.edu/platform

Alisa Ochoa
Friendship Bracelets

Andre Mirzaian
Dendrochronological Urbanism

Brian Collier
The Collier Classification System For Very Small Objects

Diana Maria Navas
Tan Pinchados

Douglas Degges
Always Working Always

Isabel Ramil
Anarquiteturas Anarchitectures

Jake Montefu
White Fence at the Smell

Jean-Pierre Hebert
I.V. Boogie Woogie

Lydia Moyer

Matt Weiden
Trysting Place

Nick Loewen