Performing Race, Performing Space Research Focus Group

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Performing Race, Performing Space Research Focus Group

We are interested in everyday performances and performances of the everyday that critique constructions of race and gender as tied to effaced histories. Our conception of everyday performance attends to theorizations of spatial arrangements such as staging, ritual, and digitality that enrich our understanding of material conditions and draw attention to traces of the imperial in everyday life. Attention to the everyday will allow us to think through race, sex, and gender as fluid but materially grounded concepts as we work to be responsive to moments, the interstitial, and the quotidian as dimensions of everyday performances.

Clara Chin, English

Taylor Holmes, English

Dozandri Mendoza, Linguistics

Alex Mireles, Feminist Studies

Jessica Nakamura, Theater and Dance

Michael Parra, English

Erick Rodriguez, English

Diana Sanchez, Chicana/o Studies

Pictured above: Senga Nengudi, Maren Hassinger, Nao Bustamante, William Pope.L, and Nao Bustamante.