IHC spring 2013 awards

IHC spring 2013 awards

Congratulations to the 2013-14 predoctoral fellows and faculty fellows.

Spring 2013 Faculty Release Awards:
Felice Blake, English, Black Love, Black Hate: The Paradox of Intracommunal Conflict in African American Literature
Diane Fujino, Asian American Studies, Japanese Americans and the Contested Nature of Cold War Citizenship and Radical Democracy

Spring 2013 Faculty Collaborative Awards:
Nelson Lichtenstein, History, From the Academy to the Public Sphere: Writing Opinion Pieces for the Mainstream Media
John W. DuBois, Linguistics; Amy Kyratzis, Education; Gene Lerner, Sociology, LISO Symposium IV: “Multiple Engagements: Complexity in Human Involvement”

2013-14 Predoctoral Fellows:
Zachary Horton, English, Scale and Alterity: Ecology, Media, and Technics After the Human
Kuan-yen Liu, Comparative Literature, Animal-Human Analogy and the Order of Things: A Comparative Study of Victorian British and Late-Qing Chinese Darwinism
Andrew Magnusson, History, Muslim-Zoroastrian Relgions and Religious Violence in Early Islamic Iran
Rahul Mukherjee, Film and Media Studies, Competing Knowledges, Uncertain Futures: A Study of Mediated Technoscience Publics in India
Barbara L. Taylor, Music, The Ghosts of Banjos Past: The Early Banjo Revival and Remapping America’s Racial Terrain

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