Fall 2006

INT 256 (MAT 256): Interdisciplinary Collaborative Project

A team-taught course with goals to foster engineering-level research in conjunction with experimental approach of the visual arts. Course consists of team-based production for the realization of a multi-media project. Emphasis of the course is to develop skills in interdisciplinary production, concept development and problem-solving methodologies.

INT 259 (MAT 259): The Aesthetics of Algorithmic Visualizations

Project-based course focused on aesthetics of algorithmic visualization. An overview of designing still and time-based visualizations with historical and contemporary perspectives resulting in large-scale prints, digital video or computer-generated real-time visualization. Emphasis on implementation of algorithmic expressions.

INT 420: Grant Writing for the Arts and Humanities

Graduate-Level course covering the fundamentals of grant writing for students in the arts, humanities and humanistic social sciences. Working with IHC research development staff and UCSB faculty mentors, students will learn and practice effective techniques for searching for funding, identifying appropriate funding sources and writing successful proposals.

INT 594ST: Pre-doctoral Fellowship

The Interdisciplinary Humanities Center offers pre-doctoral fellowships to support doctoral candidates and advanced MFA students whose research facilitates dialogue across the traditional disciplinary boundaries within the Arts and Humanities, and/or between the Arts & Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences. Award recipients are expected to enroll and participate in an IHC Pre-doctoral Fellows Workshop during the three academic quarters following their acceptance of the fellowship. Pre-doctoral Fellows are required to make a presentation based on a topic related to their research and to serve once as primary discussant.
Instructor approval is required for all IHC Courses.

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