Archeology Research Focus Group

Archeology Research Focus Group

Statement of Purpose

The Interdisciplinary Archaeology Research Focus Group draws together faculty and graduate students across eight departments in the Divisions of Social Sciences and Humanities within the College of Letters and Sciences.  Lectures and discussions address current approaches to archaeological method, theory, and material analysis. Our multi-disciplinary focus includes divergent temporal and cultural areas of research, including regional and global perspectives, Old and New World, pre-historic and historic, environmental studies, the history of archaeology and collections, and the study of various material culture categories and technologies. This group provides a forum for integrating new archaeological research with key related fields, including anthropology, classics, history, art history, ethnic and area studies, religious studies, cultural resource management, museum studies, tourism, heritage preservation, visual and material culture studies.

Conveners and List of Participants:

Stuart Tyson Smith (Professor, Anthropology),
Brice Erikson (Associate Professor, Classics),

Other Archaeological Events

Cave of Forgotten Dreams, a film by Werner Herzog about the Paleolithic Cave art in Chauvet Cave, now playing in 3D at the Fiesta 5 in Santa Barbara.

Monday, May 16th, 5 pm, McCune: Dr. Carolyn Dean, UC Santa Cruz, Regarding Rocks: Some Principles of Visuality

Monday, June 6th, 7:30 pm, Farrand Hall, Santa Barbara Natural History Museum: Stuart Tyson Smith, UCSB, Identity Commemoration and Remembrance: Burails at Tobmos during the Egyptian New Kingdom Nubian empire and its aftermath