Alliance for Children’s Rights Internship

Organization:  Alliance for Children’s Rights

The Alliance for Children’s Rights (Los Angeles) handles several hundred individual legal cases each year for clients in foster care or those seeking guardianship and advocates for changes in law and practice to improve foster care and create stability for vulnerable children and families. The Alliance is unique in its dedication to representing children overcoming abuse and neglect in seeking the supports and services, from healthcare to education access, that they need to recover and thrive.


The Alliance for Children’s Rights seeks a graduate student to help organize a photography campaign to produce visual content for print and online media. The intern will be involved in the research, conception, planning, and final execution of the campaign, working closely with the Alliance communication director. The goal is to bring a sophisticated visual sensibility to the development of a campaign that inspires people to connect with our work and understand our clients and their needs in ways that promote dignity and compassion. The intern will gain experience in cause-based marketing, visual communication and branding, project management, and interpersonal communication involving children and families.

The internship will expose a candidate with a broad interest in communication and social impact to the day-to-day work of a leading nonprofit organization focused on child welfare. The intern will be tasked with conceiving, planning, and executing a project designed to produce visual collateral that can be used for outreach, fundraising, and publicity to call attention to the organization and the interests of its client base. This is an excellent position for a student with a background in art, visual and written communication, and/or design.


  • Research visual assets used in child advocacy by various organizations
  • Work with the communications director to conceive an original campaign that presents our clients in a powerful, unexpected way that combats stereotypes and promotes compassion
  • Plan the campaign, including scheduling and logistics
  • Solicit families interested in participating in a photography campaign
  • Serve as or identify a photographer to shoot the campaign
  • Organize photos and make artwork selections to create print-ready visual assets
  • Integrate photos into the organization’s digital asset management system

Preference will be given to candidates with a sophisticated creative eye and a strong competency with visual communication, and to those with a command of creative programs including Photoshop/Adobe Creative Suite.

The project will be overseen and directed by the Alliance Director of Communications with additional input and direction from the Chief Development Officer and other staff as needed. The internship will start between June 2019 and April 2020 and will take place for ten weeks (20 hours/week) or 20 weeks (ten hours/week) depending on the intern’s availability and the schedule of the organization. The project will be completed remotely with the possibility for several site visits, depending on the intern’s availability and the organization’s needs.