Wednesday, February 4 / 1:00-2:30 PM
South Hall 2509

4Humanities@UCSB will meet Wednesday Feb. 4th, 1-2:30pm, in South Hall 2509. Continuing and new participants are invited. Please come to this meeting to offer suggestions in regard to two current 4Humanities projects.

One is the WhatEvery1Says project to analyze public discourse about the humanities using data-mining methods. The project team will show some early test results and ask meeting participants for feedback about both general strategy and such specific issues as what non-academic magazines, newspapers, and blogs we should sample to harvest different political, cultural, and perspectives.

Another project is the soon-to-be announced 4Humanities prize contest for student humanities advocacy (whose design was greatly influenced by participants at an earlier 4Hum@UCSB meeting). We’ll be soliciting ideas from those coming to the meeting about how best to publicize the contest and also who to recruit as contest judges (not just academics but people in media, business, science, arts, management, etc.). We’ll also begin planning for a UCSB and Santa Barbara-area student “creativity workshop” to incubate contest submissions (one of many such workshops we hope to seed nationally and internationally over the next year).

Contact Info: 4Humanities@UCSB faculty leaders: Alan Liu (ayliu@english.ucsb.edu) and Linda Adler-Kassner (adler-kassner@writing.ucsb.edu). 4Humanities Lead Research Assistant: Ashley Champagne (ashleychampagne@gmail.com).

Website: https://4humanities.org/original-4humanities-collective/