Somak Mukherjee

Somak Mukherjee is a Ph.D. student at Department of English and Graduate Research Fellow at the Center for Modern Literature, Materialism and Aesthetics (COMMA). At UCSB his interests lie at the intersection of Environmental Media and Criticism, Urban History and Postcolonial Studies. Before coming to UCSB, he obtained his undergraduate and graduate degree in English literature from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India. He was previously Visiting Research Fellow in 2016-2017 in the Department of History-Cultures and Civilization, University of Bologna, Italy, pursuing research on the urban cultures of early modern Europe. In 2019-2020 Somak worked as a Graduate Research Assistant for the project “Global Higher Education in 2050: Imagining Universities for Sustainable Societies,” led by Professor Christopher Newfield (PI), in collaboration with University of California Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI) and International Consortium for Critical Theory Programs (ICCTP) at University of California, Berkeley. Somak’s writings have appeared in various English and Bengali print and digital publications in India, including Scroll, The Citizen, Humanities Underground, Anandabazar Patrika and Bartaman.

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